Magdalena here.

You have reached my food tales. Welcome!

My food tales are exactly that: my stories about food.

Since I can remember myself, food has never just been sustenance. Instead, it has been a ritual, a living and breathing organism, an exciting guest at the table, an adventure, a topic of discussions, arguments, and controversy, a way to connect with others, to express love and gratitude, to grieve and remember.

Here you will read my stories about food I cook. I have been cooking for slightly less time than I have been eating. Proof of that is a treasured-but-faded scar on my right arm; the unexpected outcome of one of my early solo baking sessions when I had been left unsupervised for a minute at the tender age of three or four.

There will be recipes, too. Not intimidatingly scientific, often as abstract and vague as my grandmas and my mom have passed them on; the way I perceive them now, too. Cooking and eating are, for the most part, about feeling, about experiencing, about paying attention and adapting, about experimentation.

You will not read only stories about my own cooking. You will find stories about eating, about food, about the many ways I manage to philosophize the most trivial aspects of life (a blessing and a curse).

If you have thoughts, feelings, critiques, recommendations, or just want to say hi, write to me.

Above all, thank you for being here.